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Informed patients are better patients

If you have diabetes, you have likely already been warned by your doctor of how important it is to take care of your feet, and how important it is. A wound as small as a blister can really cause damage because it can turn into an open wound.


From there it progresses until you may be forced to have an amputation to save your entire limb.

Helping you make healthy feet decisions

Preventing foot problems before they occur is key so make sure to routinely look over your feet and double and triple check for wounds or sores, Doing this daily can help ensure that you don't miss anything.

Dedicated to your comfort

You also want to make sure that you wear shoes that fit properly. Being a diabetic could mean that you have a lack of blood flow to your feet. If this happens, tight shoes can make the problem even worse, which again, can result in amputation.

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If you need help selecting shoes that will be good for your feet, we would love to help you. There are a variety of shoes out there that are specially made for people with diabetes, that allow for good airflow.

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