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A customized treatment for you

Dr.Mark Stempler DPM, DABPS believes that implementing a proper foot treatment plan can help his patients get back on their feet.  Foot pain has many causes, it can be a sign of trouble with illnesses related to diabetes, circulatory disease, and even arthritis. Our goal is to ensure that the source of your foot problems can be addressed without the need of foot surgery.  

In your treatment plan, no stone is left unturned

In the event that your foot problems or feet pain do not respond with conservative treatment, foot surgery may be the only option.  Before recommending foot surgery,  Dr.Mark Stempler will review your medical history and condition; order tests that will help evaluate your overall health status, and conduct a biomechanical examination.   Tests may include X-rays, urinalysis, EKG, blood studies, and a blood flow study to help evaluate the circulatory status of your feet and legs.  

Ailments that are helped with foot surgery

Foot surgery may be needed for deformities such as bunions, and hammertoes; nerve problems such as neuromas; and for bone spurs caused by trauma or stress of a ligament or tendon.  

Call today and let us help you get back on your feet

Don't wait another day dealing with pain or other problems with your feet. They can be fixed, and we can create a customized plan for you.